Hello and thank you for taking your time to look at this post. I have over five years of time working in the brewing industry from which I started in a tap room and packaging for a larger well know Boston based Brewery, then continued on to a brewery just north of Boston where i spent a short time in the cellars then moved up to their brew deck to brew full time for them. Attention to detail, working in a clean and sanitary work space are just a few of the things I more than appreciate in my day to day operations as well as working with a team of dedicated industry professionals.

I have gained a great deal of knowledge from those around me in the industry as well as when I completed the Concise Course in Brewing Technology at the Siebel Institute of Technology World Brewing Academy in which I was able to use my benefits from the Veterans Administration to cover the cost of tuition. I spent just over 12 years on active duty in the United States Coast Guard.

My resume and references are available to those who want to look at it and I would be more than happy to send it along.

Have a great day and happy brewing!