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Thread: Cider Maker/ Cellar Staff---Nashville, TN

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    Cider Maker/ Cellar Staff---Nashville, TN

    Diskin Cider is currently seeking the right individual for a Cider Maker/ Cellar Staff position. This is a full-time, salaried position. Training will be provided, but the ideal candidate will also have had production experience in a commercial cidery, brewery, or winery.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    Practicing Diskin procedures for receiving fresh juice, yeast pitching, and fermentation monitoring.
    Blending finished cider according to recipes, and helping to develop new recipes.
    Recording quality control tests according to Diskin Lab Procedures.
    Proper tank maintenance and cleaning, according to Diskin SOPs.
    Operating cellar equipment, such as transfer pumps, cross-flow filter, and kegging equipment.
    Learning to operate our Wild Goose 250 canning line, and auxiliary equipment.
    Offloading filled cans into trays or cases.
    Pasteurizing cans and finishing with four-pack-holders, case trays, and labels as necessary.
    Stocking and preparing pallets for distribution or storage.
    Keeping cellar space organized, clean, and arranged as needed for deliveries, taproom events, etc.
    Reporting to Head Cider Maker, General Manager, and Owners as needed for additional tasks.

    Required Qualifications:
    21 years or older.
    High School Diploma or equivalent.
    Valid Driver’s License and acceptable driving record.
    Able to work in a standing position for several hours.
    Able to bend, kneel, and stoop occasionally.
    Able to carry up to 100 lbs.
    Able to maneuver up to 165 lb kegs and containers.
    Able to move heavier items using tools such as a hand truck, pallet jack, or a forklift.
    Knowledge and passion for craft beverage culture (cider, beer, wine, mead, etc.).

    Additional Desired Traits:
    Experience in a commercial cidery, brewery, or winery; or extensive homebrewing background
    Ability to understand theoretical concepts of fermentation science, and also perform some mathematical calculations with guidance.
    Mechanical aptitude and/or experience working in a technical trade.
    Ability to operate a forklift safely.
    Ambition to grow and influence a rising company in the Hard Cider community.
    Job Type: Full-time

    Interested applicants please message, or email
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