Thorn Brewing Company is seeking to hire a Director of Brewery Operations to supervise all aspects of brewing and packaging at its Barrio Logan production facility in San Diego, CA. Candidates should have previous experience directing or managing operations or packaging, or at least one year experience as a head or lead brewer in a production brewery environment. They should also possess excellent organizational and communication skills.
The successful applicant is required to have experience in all of the following areas of brewery operations. They will work closely with the Quality manager and report directly to the General Manager of the company. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.

Brewing: the director of operations will do some brewing, and needs to be well versed in modern brewing techniques
-Tank CIP processes
-Beer transfer/filtration/centrifugation/conditioning
-Warehouse operations
-Logistics and Forecasting
-OSHA regulations and safety
-Basic engineering principles
-Quality control/Quality Assurance
-Inventory and ordering systems
-Process improvement and documentation
-Writing SOPs

The successful applicant will be responsible for the manufacture and quality of the facilitiesÂ’ entire product line, meeting distributor orders in a timely and efficient manner. They will supervise the entire production team to ensure only the highest quality product is packaged and distributed as the Thorn Brand. The director of operations will perform brewing duties as needed, as well as fill in doing any necessary cellar work or packaging as needed. They will be responsible for brewery safety and training all personnel to the highest standards. They will hold both themselves and their team accountable to follow all SOPs in a safe and effective manner.

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Here's the rub - looking for someone to lead the brewteam of an 8-10k bbl/yr brewery w/ fermenter capacity for 15-20k bbl and floorspace for 25k-30k bbl. Want someone who is open to brewing a wide variety of beverages, someone who only wants to make classic beer styles will not be a good fit. Want someone who is willing to provide positive leadership and engage in team activities, someone who is introverted and short with free time will not be a good fit. Look forward to hearing from you!