I will consider full time employment in Texas Or Utah.
I work hard, smart, and efficiently. I am flexible and will find solutions for your business. Give me a call if you have a key position open or need help getting your project going. I have 20+ years running and starting up brewery's around the globe. I am open to full time or temporary opportunities. My experience spans 12.5 million barrels to 10 HL plant sizes, with many international start-ups. If your looking for a dependable, honest person that can get the job done give me a call. I will be happy to send references and a list of breweries where I have worked. Here are a few services I supply.

Full set SOP's that I adjust to your needs.
Tracking paper work.
Site selection.
Brewery layout.
Beer design.
Employee training.
Equipment selection.
Optimization of brewery production.

I can bring my own tools, and I love beer.

Former supervisor AB
Many Start -Ups

Graydon Brown
509-703-8833 <-- Video of one of my start-ups