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Thread: Brewer job in Northern California

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    Brewer job in Northern California

    Hi California Brewery,

    Canadian brewer looking to relocate to Northern California.
    3 years of experience brewing at MaBrasserie craft brewery in Montreal Canada.
    Mabrasserie brewery had me working from milling the grain to kegging on a daily basis.
    Comfortable with starting and ending the brew day.
    In my third year with MaBrasserie, I created "jeudredi cask day" where we prepared and opened a different cask every Thursday.
    This would allow me to experiment with blending beers.
    Cask ales are my favorite beer style.

    Hard worker and quick to adapt and find creative solutions.
    Mabrasserie brewery had me working from milling the grain to kegging on a daily basis.
    Working with tight budgets and lack of proper equipment helped me develop a good sense of creative problem solving.
    A good sense of brewery systems from working in various breweries from beer to kombucha brewing.
    Easy to work with and good team player.
    I find drive with productivity and results.

    Currently, I am working as a Kombucha brewer in Malawi, Africa.
    I have been in Africa for 8 months now working to help streamline the process here and develop new recipes to improve our product.
    Working with kombucha has been great, but beer is my main passion.

    I am looking forward to applying the skills I have learned to be an asset to your brewery.

    Hope to hear from you and learn more about your brewing needs.

    Kind regards,

    Kevin Fraser
    Whatsapp number: +260763469016
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