Blacklands Malt located in Leander, TX is currently hiring a Full-time Production Supervisor (35-40 hrs/wk + OT) on 2nd Shift (3pm - 11pm).

Founded in 2012 Blacklands Malt is the first malthouse in Texas history and provides locally sourced malted barley and wheat to the brewing and distilling industries. Our mission is to enrich our community through local-economy manufacturing and authentic products, and connect people to their land through local agriculture and alcoholic beverages.

We value Hard Work, Attention to Details, Dedication, Integrity, and Professionalism.
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While we would prefer industry experience for this position, those lacking experience have the opportunity to learn a trade if they show the right aptitude. Many of our employees are formerly from the brewing industry and often move on to better positions in the alcoholic beverages industry later.

During your time with us you will learn about the process of malting, how grain is processed into malt, how malt is used in brewing and distilling, and how to evaluate both grain and finished malt both in quality and sensory analysis. You will learn about and experience the major stages of malting (steeping, germination, kilning) and learn about the biochemical processes involved. You will also get in really great shape, this is an active role!

Work Description
• As a Production Team Supervisor you will be responsible for performing, instructing, and reporting on the work necessary for processing batches of raw grain into malt.
• Your primary responsibilities will include understanding our production flow from top to bottom and understanding what work is necessary to achieve each stage of our process. You then must work with our team to perform the work.
• Work will include physical labor so you must be physically capable of performing the manual work.
• OTJ training will occur to bring you up to speed on our process so prior experience in another malthouse is not absolutely necessary but is preferred.
• Our ideal candidate also demonstrates our Company Values.
• 35-40 hrs/week + OT.
• 2nd Shift 3pm-11pm.

Job requirements
• Must understand safety requirements of equipment and chemicals you will be exposed to during work and perform duties using proper safety technique and PPE.
• Ability to read and understand technical documentation.
• Ability to accurately collect, assess, and report data for process decision making.
• Ability to troubleshoot unforeseen issues and think quickly on your feet.
• Ability to endure physical labor and be on your feet for periods of 4-8 hrs.
• Ability to shovel grain and green malt for periods of 1-2 hrs.
• Ability to lift up to 75# repeatedly without injury.
• Reliable transportation to/from work.
• Flexibility to meet adjusting weekly production schedule.
• Must be a non-smoker as this is a food production facility.
• Must be over 21 years old.

Job duties
• Running grain cleaning equipment with other team members.
• Turning green malt bed during germination by shovel.
• Taking accurate green malt samples during process and reporting results to management.
• Analyzing raw grain, green malt, and finished malt for quality, consistency, and troubleshooting purposes.
• Performing the required duties involved in grain cleaning, germination, kilning, and deculming of the malt.
• Inventory management of raw barley storage and finished malt storage.
• Operate malt bagging equipment and fulfill orders.
• Daily fork lift operation and palletizing of malt.

Required education
• High School Diploma

Required experience
• 2-3 years of experience in a related industry (food or beverage manufacturing, manufacturing, manual labor, production).
• Experience with hand and power tools.
• Mechanical work experience.

Preferred skills and qualifications
• OSHA 10
• Prior experience in another malthouse.
• Experience with GMPs, SSOPs, SOPs, and HACCP.
• PCQI certification.
• Forklift certification.
• Food manufacturing and sanitary production experience.
• Attention to detail and ability to work independently.
• Desire to learn about the malting industry.
• Interest/passion about the alcoholic beverage industry.

Job Type: Full-time with OT, 2nd Shift 3pm-11pm
Salary: Hourly, $17.00-$20.00/hour
Benefits: Vision & Dental insurance, 4-6 weeks vacation
Job Location: Leander, TX 78641
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