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Thread: Testing Dissolved Oxygen Levels Without Beer

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    Testing Dissolved Oxygen Levels Without Beer

    There is often a lot going on during packaging days, making testing multiple methods of lowering DO levels on a canning or bottling line difficult to do. So I am wondering if anyone here has attempted to test DO levels through their packaging equipment without beer. I was thinking of using deaerated water with a foaming agent in order to mimic beer. Before doing so wanted to post and see if anyone on the forum has given this a shot before.

    Any and all suggestions and experiences are welcome! Cheers

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    If you're using a DO meter, skip the foaming agent. That would just make it look like beer, not take up O2 like it.

    I've been considering the same thing as I have a mysterious source of O2 in our bottling line that is proving very hard to chase down. Unfortunately, the only de-aerated water I have access to is our hot liquor, which would make it difficult to get down to our bottling temps.
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    ^ can you send your hot liquor into your whirlpool or kettle, and then cool through your brewhouse heat exchanger?
    (obviously, do not turn on your wort aeration)

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