The Brewer is responsible for the brewing process from preparation of the raw materials through the fermentation process.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
- Operation of brewhouse with maximum attention to detail and accuracy
o Milling, Mashing, Lautering, Boiling, Whirlpooling, Knocking out, Graining out
- Documentation of brewing activities
- CIP and sanitization of brew vessels
o Mash Tun, Kettle, Heat Exchanger
- Tank Management
o Gravity, dumps, dry-hopping, transferring, carbonation
- Maintain safe and clean working environment
- Yeast management including harvesting, pitching, and record keeping
- Use of proper PPE
- Ability to follow Rogue SOPs
- Adhere to established recipes and processes
- Communicate changes in recipes or process to management
- Communicate maintenance needs to keep production on schedule and ensure team member safety
Minimum Qualifications
- Bachelor’s Degree
- Preferably in Fermentation Science, Engineering, general science or related field
- Brewing education a plus

- 3+ years brewing experience
- Operation of commercially sized brewhouse
Required skills:
• Ability to read and follow written English instructions
• Safe chemical handling knowledge
• Adaptable and solution-driven
• Writing and math skills necessary to accurately complete dilution calculations, volume, flow, weight, length, pressure, and other unit conversions
• Mechanical aptitude - knowledge of machinery and systems
• Forklift certified
• Ability to work independently, and with others

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