Job Overview
The Assistant Distiller is involved in the production, packaging, barrel aging, and blending of spirits at the Rogue Spirits Distillery.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
- Operation and maintenance of 500 gallon production still, and 150 gallon recipe development still
- Smithing liquid to fit packaging specifications
- Assist in packaging based on inventory needs
- Adherence to all distillery Safety Procedures, including proper use of PPE at all times
- Communicate maintenance needs to Supervisor in a timely manner
- Maintain accurate records for inventory and taxation purposes
- Interpret and follow SOPs
Minimum Qualifications
- Bachelor’s Degree preferred
- Relevant Science / Food Science education preferred

- 2+ years in a production environment. Preferably in brewery, distillery, or winery
Required skills:
• Ability to communicate and receive technical instructions (verbal and written)
• Writing and math skills necessary to accurately complete dilution calculations, volume, weight, pressure, alcohol content, and other unit conversions
• Mechanical aptitude – knowledge of machinery and systems
• Ability to earn forklift certification
• Ability to work independently, and with others

Anybody that is interested in applying should use the following Google form. Thanks!