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Thread: Septic Malt Extract Brewpub

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    Septic Malt Extract Brewpub

    Hello everybody,

    I am looking to start a small brewpub. I found a location that might work but it is on a septic system instead of on city sewer. Wanted to see if anyone can provide some information if a small 5bbl-7bbl brewpub can be done on a septic system.

    I was thinking if we didn’t mash and used Briess CBW (concentrated brewers wort) malt extract as our base it could reduce the load on a septic system. The brewery wouldn’t need the water and drainage for mashing and would not need a hot liquor tank if we used malt extract instead. Would going malt extract make a septic tank property doable for a small brewpub???

    Thank you all for your advice regarding this situation :-)
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    While there have been a few breweries that have done ok on malt extract, it really isn't a great way to make great beer. You'll make ok beer. That said, the volume of water you use is only going to be reduced by at most 25% from a full mash system. Add that to a brew pub, and I would bet that any septic system that would work for this, would not cost a whole bunch more to just make bigger to accommodate doing a full brew vs extract. Out here, we have seen that some will side stream all of the brewery waste and have it stored in a big tank. They then get it periodically pumped out or trucked to a sewage plant at a pretty favorable rate.

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