Pretoria Fields Collective is seeking an experienced Head Brewer to oversee day-to-day operations in our production facility. As a southwest Georgia farm-based brewery that produces our own organic barley, corn, wheat, rye, oats, fruit, nuts and honey, we focus on beers from the ground up at our production facility in Albany, Georgia.

The Head Brewer would oversee team members in the brewhouse, cellar, packaging and taproom in daily tasks with a focus on QA & QC. The Head Brewer would report to the Brewmaster and CEO. Previous head brewer experience and proficiency in production management software (Ekos) is preferred. Passionate, self-motivated leaders with an attention to detail and creativity are sought to join our team.

Job Responsibilities include:
• Management of daily tasks communicated to team members in a timely fashion
• Oversight of QA during all phases of production
• Ability to write and adapt SOP’s for all areas of production
• Inventory control both raw ingredient and finished product
• Recording of all pertinent data into production management software (Ekos)
• Laboratory work including cell counts, ATP monitoring, and yeast management
• Direction of packaging team
• Create and amend new and existing recipes
• Coordination of wort management and raw materials to and from our farms
• Representation on behalf of team at various events and conferences

• 4 years working in the brewing industry
• 1 year in a management or leadership role in the brewing industry
• Proficiency in Microsoft office and production management software
• High school diploma or equivalent required, 4-year brewing science degree preferred
• Ability to extrapolate data and use basic math operations to problem solve
• Experience with laboratory monitoring equipment for DO, ATP, and yeast management
• Previous QC experience and ability to lead tasting panels
• Familiarity with MSDS and OSHA standards
• Development of recipes on a production scale

Pretoria Fields Collective is an equal employment opportunity employer and implements policies and practices that do not discriminate against applicants and employees.

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