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Thread: Beer Souring Blend

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    Beer Souring Blend

    One of the most interesting things about being a brewer is getting random samples sent to you. I just got one from a company named Hawkins. Apparently this company makes souring blends to mix in with your beer and avoid the potential issues from live sour yeast/bacteria. I can't find any reviews or people that have messed around with these products, so I figured putting the word out here would be my next best option.
    -Has anyone ever tried these sour blends from Hawkins? Thoughts?
    -I'm always up to try new things in the brewhouse or at home, but don't want to open an untested bag of worms.

    I know this will annoy some people because it is not true to sour beers, and I totally get that. This post is just more to hear if anyone had experience with it, not to pass judgement on the idea of it. Cheers.

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    Though I myself have never made a sour with such products, I have tried a few. To me they came across as a bit lacklustre and monochromatic.

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    I just got it today and would be interested in feed back if anyone has tried it. We got 3 different samples.
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    Sounds like citric acid and ground up fruit powder?
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