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Thread: Beginning to sell kegs to bar/liquor stores

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    Beginning to sell kegs to bar/liquor stores

    10 Bbl brewery that's been open almost a year. We are getting great volume from our tasting room and want to sell kegs to some nearby bars and liquor stores. Does anyone have any suggestions other than just calling e-mailing them and asking if they want to buy our beer?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you


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    We usually bring along 2 or 3 samples of different styles for them to taste. Go during non-busy hours and bring a price list. Ask who is responsible for buying beer (you'll be surprised what people tell you if you don't ask this question.) We find that most people are interested in hearing our story and what went in to the beers. We plan for at least 1 hour to tell our story and walk through the tasting with them. I feel that it helps us get in to taprooms when we talk about what we're doing. If you bring bottled beer, bring an opener.

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