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Thread: What happens when you see no hope

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    What happens when you see no hope

    Everything you ever had is wrapped up in shining stainless tanks sitting idle. Chairs stacked on tables. Cavernous tap rooms silent. Taps plugged with little blue-capped brushes. The sticky rubber floor mats draped over a rail out back. No tap room banter. Your whole life and identity coming to an absolute and abrupt stop.

    I got the text Saturday morning; a fellow brewery owner had taken their life over night.

    This is someone I have talked to probably once a week or so for the last couple years while we planned out our brewery. They were the closest to our location. We share employees.

    Never saw this coming. We are all shocked. Literally poured with them 2 weekends ago at an event. Not a hint of an issue beyond the normal gripes.

    They were apparently already stressed out over the usual brewery issues, canning, distro, inventories, rent, labor, etc... and this was just the last push off the cliff. Our community lost a wonderful person.

    I fear this won’t be the only self inflicted casualty of this outbreak. I worry that too many see no light at the end of the tunnel. This is too much for some. Lord knows I am struggling with this myself as I’m sure most of you are.

    Reach out to each other. Even if it’s just the 2 or 3 brewers you have a great relationship with. Touch base and listen to each other gripe. Share your fears, predictions, how you are surviving. We are not all going to get out of this with our businesses, but maybe we can talk each other through the end and find hope for another day.

    Don’t wish you would have...

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    My condolences

    Stay strong, Reach out anytime
    Lance Jergensen

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    I am extremely sorry to hear that. Thank you for bringing this topic to light, and I could not agree more on reaching out to people. Its the first step, mental health is something a lot of people struggle with in our industry, and a subject just as many shy away from talking about. I actually reached out to everyone I work with and care about after this and probably never would have if you had not posted this. Stay positive

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