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Thread: Are beer/brewfests revenue generating?

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    Are beer/brewfests revenue generating?

    This question is mainly directed towards packaging micros. When you guys do beerfests/brewfests and other public events, are they direct revenue generating? Or do you count it as advertising/public relations and gain revenue with future product purchases? Do you only do events in the states you are distributing in, or do you do neighboring states as well?

    I'm doing my plan to solicit investors and I'm trying to find all ways to generate cashflow outside of just selling to distributors.

    Oh, and I'm a homebrewer going professional in a year, so I sure hope the original poster of that other thread doesn't get mad.

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    no they do not generate + revenue. occassionally you can sell apparel/merchandise but most of the time no. I factor it into marketing budget

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    We are fairly selective about which events we attend. being a 500 bbl packaging brewpub, theres only so much beer to go around. our general rule of thumb is that the event is sponsored by a charity, attendies are in a 60 mile radius for our distribution chain and either myself (the brewer) or the owner attend.
    as far as positve revenue goes, hard to say, but the adverstising factor and direct feed back about product is key....

    Nicholas Campbell

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    As far as direct revenue.....I don't think so. It is always a plus if you can sell shirts/glasses etc. to help pay for some of the expense. But staying in the publics eye and getting to chum it up some with possible new customers or to remind old customers on why you are that is worth something...maybe??lol

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