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Thread: questions on sq ft of brewery

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    questions on sq ft of brewery

    I need any advice on how much sq ft of brewery space is needed for a 20 bbl brewery sytem with 6 20 bbl fv and 6 20 bbl bbt. The brewery will be only production not a brewpub. We will be producing 3 core beers, so does any one have any advice on how many sq ft i will need for a cold room. We will only be doing kegs in the beginning but eventually we will have a small bottling line. Any help would be needed

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    We are building our 20BBL brewery right now. Our space has 2 - 3000 sq ft. bays. (about 85' x 35')
    The Production Bay at startup will have 4-20BBL UNIs, and one BBT. Also Explosion proof Grain Handling room(12x10ft) DE Filter, pumps and the 20 BBL Brewhouse, with grist case mounted above the mash tun.

    This space has 25' ceilings so we can go very tall. There is floor space for 10-15 more UNIs(80BBL) and 3 more BBTs. We choose this space due to being able to grow into it, and figure we can brew 10,000-12,000 BBLs before we have to move. We are planning on about 800-1200BBLs for our first year.

    The Packaging Bay holds the air compressor, CO2 tanks, boiler and chiller (mounted with each other on a frame) We have a PPM Bottling line, IDD keg washer, plenty of bulk bottle and keg storage, and of course the cold box... which is 22' x 20' x 12 ' tall.

    We are just getting started so I guess, we will have to see how it goes. We do have the rights to an additional 3000sq.ft bay next door that is attached and has double door access. We expect to need this by next year.

    Good luck and may we all grow together
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    Thank you so much.

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