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Thread: Will sell/trade my soul for hops!

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    Will sell/trade my soul for hops!

    Hello fellow probrewers...My name is Steve Nordahl and I've been in/out of the biz since 1992. I was the first brewer in US to brew a beer made from hemp seeds (Hempen Ale) and I've been an award winning and accomplished brewer over the years. It has always been my dream to have my own brewery and after years of work I opened the Lone Peak Brewery in Big Sky, Montana just 7 weeks ago. I have many friends in the brewing industry and most will be getting a more personal plea from me...however, I thougnt I would give this post a shot and see if I can find anyone with a heart and some hops to spare. We are looking at about 1200 bbl of production this first year and I've just been told that none of my hop request will be met by the vendors. I went on a buying spree a few months ago and I have enough in house to get me through Jan/Feb at best...but obviously not much chance of survival after that without a few miracles from old/new friends. I realize that things are pretty crazy for many of you out there, but if anyone has ANYTHING to spare, knows anyone that has anything to spare or feels they have overcommitted to their own supply for the year and can throw me a will be very, very much appreciated and you can be assured your hops will be finding a very tasty home in one of our beers.


    Steve Nordahl
    Lone Peak Brewery
    Big Sky, Montana
    406-579-6299 cell
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    Well GW Kent is still offering "Hallertau Spalter Select", very low alpha (1.5%) hops. Not ideal but if it's that or nothing...

    You do have to be careful out there. A major craft brewery supplier (I won't name names) sold me 33 lbs of 2006 crop Mt. Hood. What they sent was 11 lbs. 2002 crop Chinook, 11 lbs. 2003 Mt. Hood and 11 lbs. 2006 Mt. Hood. When I called to complain I was told I could return them but they were surprised as they said most breweries would be happy with anything. Sorry, but I don't consider it a favor to use the current situation as an opportunity to empty out your hop graveyard.
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    Hey John!!
    Jeff here I used to brew at Trailhead, i gave someone your number yesterday re: Lublin and Marinka pellets and extracts. Hope you didn't mind, well i guess not you just posted it. Good to see you on probrewer
    Jeff Byrne

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