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Thread: New variety hops

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    New variety hops

    I've just purchased a few of 8oz bags of Polish hops Marynka and Lubliner on e-bay.
    I did not pilot brew with them yet and purchased based on they description. Did anybody have a chance to brew with them. What styles would be recommended. I would appreciate any info on this.
    I heard a while ago that one of the big guys either Hop Union Or Yakima Chief was selling them. Any clue on that.

    Cheers, Mark Owen
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    We use quite a bit of Marynka hops for bittering. We have had good results with them over the last several years. It provides enough bitterness without being too assertive, allowing us to use a variety of aroma hops without worrying too much about the contrast. The alpha has hovered around 8% over the last few harvests.

    We have been getting them through an individual who has had contacts in Poland for years. However, with this year's hop madness, the Polish suppliers have gone sideways and we have had a bear of a time trying to secure hops for the next year.

    The individual we work with has been back and forth about getting out of the business because of all the turmoil.

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    Thanks for helping

    I have my supply of Columbus for bittering and we do not like it too much. Is this Marynka good for anything else? any clue on this Lubliner, would your supplier be willing to give some more light on possible substitutions? I guess most importantly does he have anything left in his sack this year?
    Thanks a bunch.

    Has any of our hops experts more info on usefulness of these variety?

    Cheers, Mark

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    From what I understand, lubliner is a polish grown saaz.

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    Always something new

    Hi Mark,
    I purchased this Marynka and Lublin on e-bay over month ago to give it a try. Pilot brew Brown Best Bitter, done early and late all with Marynka and it's awesome. Bitter Kolsch with Marynka and finished with Lublin, this one is nice but I think I have overdone the aroma. I also made a Maibock, not in bright yet. I am in direct contact with the supplier but he is pricey and not very clear on his inventory.

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