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Thread: Hop Oil Usage?? ANYONE?!?!?!

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    Hop Oil Usage?? ANYONE?!?!?!

    I purchased a bevy of hop oils from HopUnion with the assurance that "they can be used in place of all hop additions." Since then I was advised that "they can be used in place of aroma hops only."
    "Well, how much do I add?" I inquired expectantly.
    "You'll have to determine that but it will be in milliliters and must be mixed with ethyl alcohol prior to adding to the boil."
    ???????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!????????????

    Does ANYONE (hello Ralph!!!) have concrete information as to the usage of these hop oils in place of pellets? (Excuse my frustration but these were very expensive!)
    Please help if you can.

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    From my understanding there really isn't a good way to measure that seeing as hop aroma and flavor is a per-taste sort of deal. When I used them last I took a 5gal corny and added some in. tried it. as I felt it needed more I added it in. Finally after it was where I wanted I went back and redid the math. I would mix the oil with a small amount of everclear and shake it all day long. I would then put some beer in a corny and add the solution. After that I would line the corny into my transfer lines.

    As far as clue. I assumed that these were meant mainly for aromatic/flavor additions.

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    What exactly did you buy? Straight hop oils, base extract, Tetra Hop?? Hopunions' website is pretty specific on what the first two are used for and how to use them. Sorry I can't give you specific use rates since it really depends on the beer you are adding it to and what level of bittering or aroma you want. I have some Tetra hop I will be experimenting with this year. I don't believe either the base or the oil are complete replacements for pellet/leaf hops but as an additional hop character builder. The oils will add dry hop/aroma character and the base extract is used to temper high alpha bittered beers with the aroma constituent also present.

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    hop oil

    Hello Forum,

    Yes, hop oils are used for only aroma/flavor. We do have some instructions that can be sent and have some information on our website. For bittering one can use of course whole hops and pellets, but you can also use extracts, iso extract and some other downstream products. We have sold oils for many years now, but this year it has gained more importance since there is a hop shortage. It is a little trial and error working with oils, but I can say the good thing about oils and other extract type products is that once you get them dialed in, they are readily replicable. Sorry about the mixing aspect that one has to use with oils and we can gt them already emulsified, but they become unstable than the pure oil. Trust this helps a little.

    Ralph Olson
    Ralph Olson

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