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Thread: QA Tech - Berkeley, CA (North American Breweries)

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    QA Tech - Berkeley, CA (North American Breweries)


    A leader in marketing and selling specialty and imported beer in the United States, North American Breweries imports and markets Labatt Blue and Labatt Blue Light, the No. 1 & No. 2 Canadian beers in the U.S., along with Genesee, Magic Hat, Pyramid and the Dundee family of craft beers, Seagram’s Coolers and other specialty and imported brands.


    The Quality Assurance Technician is responsible to inspect, test, sort, sample, or weigh raw materials or processed products for deviations from specifications. This includes using precision measuring instruments and complex test equipment; generating, compiling, organizing, and evaluating quality assurance data so that all functions in the brewery are monitored. Maintain the laboratory in a fully functioning and professional manner and act as a scientific resource to rest of brewery staff.


    • Perform all daily, weekly and monthly microbial tests necessary for evaluation and release of products. (Some of these tasks may be done by others. Your role is to ensure they are performed timely and correctly).
    • Perform all daily, weekly and monthly chemical tests and adjustments necessary for evaluation and release of products. (Some of these tasks may be done by others. Your role is to ensure they are performed timely and correctly).
    • Perform daily clean up and shut down of instruments.
    • Mark items with details such as grade and acceptance or rejection status.
    • Record inspection or test data, such as weights, temperatures, grades, or moisture content, and quantities inspected or graded.
    • Set up Zahm for readings.
    • Perform Co2 meter maintenance and calibration.
    • Maintain the retail draft and cold box line.
    • Complete daily and monthly TTB wastewater reports/ paperwork.
    • Complete other duties as assigned such as:
    1. Making microbiology media.
    2. Setting up cultures
    3. Performing yeast pitching rate.
    4. Preparing bottle and paperwork for wastewater.
    5. Beer chemistry testing.
    • Clean and sterilize the lab equipment
    • Perform daily QA audit on packaging line.
    • Perform QA audit on yeast propagation processes.
    • Notify supervisors and other personnel of production problems, and assist in identifying and correcting these problems.
    • Maintain working knowledge of entire brewery processes and procedures so that quality issues can be effectively monitored and resolved.
    • Manage weekly tasting panel. Maintain records of results. Organize and maintain library of products.
    • Upkeep and stock laboratory so that it is fully functional at all times. Work with vendors to maintain and repair laboratory equipment.
    • Organize and present all gathered data in an organized and proactive manner.
    • Discuss inspection results with those responsible for products, and recommend necessary corrective actions
    • Provide scientific information and act as technical resource for rest of brewery staff on issues concerning quality, process control, and science-based problems.
    • Assist Head Brewer with the development of quality assurance processes, procedures, reports and forms.
    • Train brewery personnel in laboratory technique and sanitary procedures.
    • Develop an overall understanding of the brewing process.
    • Maintain lab inventory and order supplies as needed.
    • Yeast propagation.
    • Maintain weekly loss report.


    • Microbe identification, aseptic technique for microbiology
    • Knowledge of fluid flow, live steam, and pressure.
    • Proficient in MS Office Programs (Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook, Word)
    • Safe chemical handling skills
    • Able to organize work and documents effectively.
    • Preferred knowledge of :
    o fermentation theory / practice
    o biochemical / chemical changes in product from raw materials to finished product
    o Bitterness, color and % alcohol assays
    • Able to conducting tests and inspections of products, services, or processes to evaluate quality or performance
    • Able to train others on quality assurance processes.
    • Able to monitor equipment to ensure it is operating properly.

    • Ability to follow specific, detailed directions
    • Ability to work independently
    • Able to communicate information and ideas that can be easily understood and to communicate effectively with brewery management and employees regarding quality issues
    • Able to read and understand information for analysis.
    • Able to listen and understand information and ideas presented through spoken words and sentences
    • Able to concentrate on a task over a period of time without being distracted
    • Flexible to changing priorities
    • Able to direct others to complete tasks with respect and authority.
    • Able to work well under pressure and stress
    • Able to wear necessary personal protective equipment.
    • Able to work independently with minimal direct supervision.
    • Able to see details at close range (within a few feet of the observer).
    • Able to tell when something is wrong or likely to go wrong. It does not involve solving the problem, only recognizing there is a problem.

    • Education;
    o Minimum: High School Diploma with college level microbiology, organic chemistry, physics, statistics or brewing science course completion.
    o Preferred: BS in fermentation science, biology, or microbiology.
    • 2 years or more in an entry-level lab or quality control position.


    • Able to lift 50-60 lbs. occasionally
    • Able to climb ladders up to 10 feet
    • Able to perform repetitive movements to perform tasks
    • Able to sit at lab table (up to 2 hours)
    • Must be able to bend, reach and stand for long periods
    • Able to work in an environment with high noise levels
    • Able to work with hazardous chemicals
    • Able to frequently duck under conveyors/equipment.
    • Able to occasionally climb stairs.
    • Able to frequently grasp with one or both hands
    • Able to wear required Personal Protective Equipment (respirators, face masks, ear plugs, boots, etc)


    Email your resume and cover letter to, or fax to (510) 526-5429. No phone calls or in-person applications, please. Please title your email “QA Tech – Berkeley” or something similar that includes the position title and location. Include your salary expectations in your cover letter or email. This is an hourly position that comes with full benefits including medical, dental, vision, paid time off, disability insurance, life insurance, and a 401(k) with company match. Not to mention the beer discounts!
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