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06-23-2013, 11:11 AM
Dear Fellow Beer Lover,

My name is Anastasia, but people in this industry know me as Taz. As a professional beer-tender with extensive experience in the customer service and brewing industry, I am eager to contribute my knowledge, skills, attitude, and passion to the industry I love!
Some highlights of my strengths include
• Highly skilled in providing outstanding hospitality services to guests and coworkers
• In-depth knowledge of the brewing process
• Know the many different styles of beer and love trying and learning more.
• Sanitation and safety of the bar, equipment and work areas is a priority
• Built a regular customer base by remembering many names, faces, and orders.
Furthermore, the positions I have held in the past 4 years, have given me numerous opportunities to develop skills useful in many positions. This includes; strong communication skills, a high degree of customer service, problem solving, decision making and the ability to work independently. I have worked many of the beer festivals and large party events.

I have helped open and managed a successful craft beer bar with 44taps and watched the business flourish. I am now looking for a sales job, I no longer want to be confined to behind a bar. Please message me for my resume and more contact information!


Anastasia ‘Taz’

06-28-2013, 08:46 AM
Currently in the process of planning a brewery and taproom in the Yelm area. Send me a copy of your resume.