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  • Dear Justin,

    what type of equipment you are talking about and what material it is made of.
    If it is small, it can be soaked in a caustic solution and thoroughly rinsed. If you want you can call me +1 (404) 433 2223 and we can discuss this more in details.

    Have a nice...
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  • Oliver@loeffler
    replied to Thermal sanitation
    There are pros and cons for heat sanitation. Normally a wort line gets 80 C water for 30 min. Ideally run the hot water in a closed loop. Since the water cools down the further away from the hot water source the more likely you will have not a sufficient heat sanitation. The advantage is heat penetrates...
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  • As long as the citric acid did not get contaminated it is fine. Especially during passivation it is not such a big issue, since you still have to do a CIP afterwards.
    Keep in mind citric acid is very good chelating agent and prepares a stainless steel surface for passivation (same is phosphoric...
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