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  • blonberg
    replied to Beer needs body
    If it tastes alright, I'd call it a brute and call it a day. No reason to muck about if it is sellable.
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  • blonberg
    replied to Baltic Porter
    Molasses is okay, so long as you're wanting raisin notes as well. Personally, it isn't my cup of tea for this style.

    I like to use some licorice - brewer's licorice is good, but adds a real anise note, so use it sparingly (I use this when making Tropical Stouts, and the complexity and sweetness...
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  • I do something similar to what you're proposing changing to. I watch my alpha for bittering, and try to account for normal hop degradation, but don't worry about alpha for flavor hops or dry hops. I'm in a similar situation, at a small brewpub without a lab. This method hasn't created any discernible...
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  • blonberg
    started a topic "Aussie" IPA

    "Aussie" IPA

    I'm looking at brewing an "Australian" IPA. I know it isn't exactly a style, but I'm trying to focus on Australian hops, and want to do something like the locals. I've reached out to a few people (not pros) that I know Down Under, and have scanned through Aussie websites and Beer Advocate/Ratebeer...
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  • blonberg
    started a topic Hello?


    <echo>hello, hell, hel, he...<echo>

    What's happened to this forum? Before the pandemic, there was so much activity. Now I think we're very lucky to get a single post in a week. I know I've been furloughed off an on the last year so I wasn't around a lot, and...
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