Experienced, award-winning brewer from the Philadelphia area available for regional Brewery Management positions and for worldwide Consultation opportunities.
I've designed, installed, opened, and operated 3 very successful and notable breweries in the last several years in the NY/ Philadelphia Metro region. I am experienced in all phases of pub and production brewery systems and operations from warehouse logistics, to packaging systems, from art-direction and design, to recipe development, and from brewhouse installation and new-construction build-out, to HR management and staff-development.

If you need an explosive, exceptional beer to immediately establish your brand, or if you need consistently clean, balanced lagers, English ales, Belgian farmhouse, and/or classic flagship American styles, I have the skills for you. Ensure success early— have the insight of someone who knows the pitfalls and the SWOT's of a variety of business models in this industry. I have references available for both employment and consultation history.

Extensive FOH and BOH management and fine-dining culinary experience as well (I was a cook and Chef for many years before my brewing career).
Consultation for all concepts and models. Able and willing to travel.
Interested parties are welcome to respond to: steve@brasseriedecouverte.com