Brewer / cidermaker with decades of experience available to work for you. Have been a brewer, a Brewmaster, and also made a lot of award wining ciders.
I have worked with brewhouses from 5 gallon through 450 bbl. Ones built in 1898 through modern automated German systems. With staffs and with just my two hands. Have built several breweries from the ground up.
Have a versatile skill set. Can do both maintenance/repair work and office work. Ordering of supplies - brewhouse, packaging, chemicals. TTB reporting and records. Lab Work, QC, payroll, scheduling of both people and production, training of staff, tour guide, recipe development,...Â…. and also am an excellent brewer and cidermaker.

Please contact me at if you would like to talk , and get a better idea of my background - and whether I might be a good fit with your company.
My regards