Greetings, ProBrewers. My name is Jason. I'm currently in Seattle and I'll be starting a brewery in Northern Japan around January 2020. Part of the licensing process requires submitting a document to the tax office that says the aspiring brewer has commercial brewing experience. I would like to intern at your brewery! Up to 8 hrs/week at no cost to you. In exchange, all I ask is that you provide a signed document (preferably on company letterhead) that says that I do indeed have commercial brewing experience. I can provide a template when the time comes. My only requirement is that your brewery is in Seattle, SeaTac, or East side. (I'm car-less by choice, so it has to be somewhere I can ride or bus to -- I live in downtown Seattle). I'm willing to do pretty much anything you need in the brewery/operations side of the business. Ideally, I could do about 40 hours at a number of breweries of different size

A bit about me: Bike rider, skier, and all around cool guy. Web developer in a former life. I've read all the brewing books, have done about a dozen brews in the last year, and recently completed my first all-grain BIAB batch -- a Blonde Ale that, I must admit, is darn tasty. Aside from obtaining the document, it would be a good idea to get some real experience in a commercial brewery. I'm sure I could learn a ton of tips, tricks, gotchas, and whatnot.

We're shooting for an opening around January, so I'd like to get this wrapped up this summer, so that the tax office can take its sweet time to approve my application. 4-6 months is not uncommon.

Thanks for reading.