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Thread: Moving Locations - TTB

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    Moving Locations - TTB

    If you get licensed by the TTB in one location, and then wish to move to another (because of business growth, better location, etc.) - do you have to go through the exact same process as your initial application to move, or is there a shorter route when moving from one space to another?

    Is there a minimum stay required in one location before moving to another?

    Obviously state orgs will vary, so this question relates specifically to the TTB.


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    In our state (Oregon) for licensing you have to go through the same process to move as if you were a new location; the TTB told us that you just have to give them 30 days notice. You may have to file a new Brewers Bond. Call them and ask.
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    When we moved, we had to submit a new Brewers Notice package, but they didn't require the entire package, since we weren't changing any ownership. It still took about three months to get but it wasn't near the hassle as the first time. The state just required a change of address notice. The local metro beer board was the worst part, they treated our application like we were a brand new entity even though we were just moving down the road.
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    thanks gents. i've got a msg into the TTB for some clarification. i'm hoping it's more like the 30 day timeline that CbP mentioned and not the full 90.

    i'll post up their response once i hear back.

    thanks again!

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    We are in the midst of moving locations and the process is very similar to our original TTB notice, but with fewer required docs and other items to submit. Pretty simple package, really. I submitted our change of address notification in September and just received our approval last week. That put it at about 4 months with no delays or even a phone call. I guess that's about as quick as the TTB can get an approval out these days.

    Off to work on our new steam header...

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