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Thread: Preemptive Breathalyzer ?

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    Preemptive Breathalyzer ?

    Does anybody care to share their views and experiences with personal breathalzers?

    A quick eBay search shows several hundred listings for inexpensive testers; if they're reliable, cheap, and available to the individual then should we be getting them for all our friends and colleagues?

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    We had a coin operated unit at my first brewing gig. It ended up being a big hit with the frat boys trying to see who could blow the highest. I have a friend who bought one of those personal units to check himself. One night he blew a .06 on his unit and a .10 on the State Police unit after being pulled over. I don't think these things are reliable at all and may give false confidence to the user.
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    While they may not be accurate, they do make you stop and think. The sheer act of having one and using it, even if wrong....makes you realize that you MIGHT be impaired! (and if you have to check, you most likely are!) I don't have one, but want one...


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    I have an Alcohawk ($129) and am surprised how often "bar logic" doesn't match the test results. Damn triple IPA's... Have not compared it to an official one, but there are several levels of quality/reliability, and their calibration can be screwed up by blowing into if you've had a recent strong drink (manual says don't use within 20 min. of drinking.) Haven't recalibrated in the year I've had it, but the factory will do it for a fee. It does give a fairly reproducable reading. Next time I would get one with a third decimal point as ".08" could be anywhere between .075 and .084. The officers carry the ones with the third digit and there could be a huge difference between those numbers.

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    Personal breathalizers

    I know one way I've seen people beat a DWI is that the officer's breathalizer hadn't been calibrated recently. These days they calibrate them every chance they get. This might be a problem with some of them giving a false reading.

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    I'm planning on buying one for my joint. Even if it isn't used very often, I still want to make it available so the option is there. Besides the good karma, it demonstrates to your customers and the public at large that you are at least somewhat committed to safety and responsibility.


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    Isnt it strange the differences in attitudes reguarding drinking aand driving from country to country. Beign an American we all did it to some degree growing up, a few close calls but no DUIs for me, I have a friend who has 3 DUIs I dont think he will drive again.
    When I lived in Italy there drinking isnt so rampant as most other countries, it wasnt really an issue. Here In Denmark if you go out and have 1 beer and are driving you better watch out. Your friends and associates will really look down on you if you drive to the pub. Take your bike.

    Maybe if they installed more bicycle friendly streets in the US we could take bikes to the pub as well.

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