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10-26-2011, 06:01 AM
India's first craft-brewer and co-founder of the country's first licensed pub brewery is available for consultation of your microbrewery project in India. 14 years of professional brewing and distillation experience, and well acquainted with all particularities of the micro-brewing business in India! I can offer help ranging from regulatory clearances, equipment sourcing, recipe design, concept formulation, brewery set-up and commissioning, brewery operation, beer education of your staff, down to training of your own brewmaster in both Indian and renowned microbreweries abroad. I do not engage in any commission-based tie-ups with suppliers, so you can expect straightforward, timely and completely un-biased advice. Long term engagements with payment in shares or parts of revenues will be considered!

For breweries/investors from outside India: India's beer market is growing at a rate of 20 percent/year, and craft-beer only very recently made an entry into the country. Despite being in its very infancy quality-wise, the few existing craft-brewery projects are met with an overwhelming response by the consumer. Generally, beer prices levels are good, and due to relatively high taxation of beer, craft beer remains very competitive compared to main-stream beers. Imported beers on the other hand are confined to a tiny niche, since a prohibitive custom duty prices them out of the market. Main challenges of setting-up your brewing business here are:

out-dated retail structures
tight restrictions on advertising alcoholic beverages
a highly regulated environment in the alcohol industry
non-availability of skilled man power
an over-heated real estate market

All of these challenges are manageable, but certainly will ensure that competition in the market remains low! Feel free to contact me for advice on how to enter the Indian market! But please remember the time offset ;) (India: GMT+5.5hrs)

Contact: Oliver Schauf, +91-97-6636-0337 or Probrewer PM

10-26-2011, 10:04 PM
Salute to a pioneer in India's craft beer scene, Oliver! The scene here certainly is in its infancy, but there's a lot going on here too. Lots of potential. Good luck and happy Diwali!