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Green Cellar Person looking for entry level position in Los Angeles

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  • Green Cellar Person looking for entry level position in Los Angeles

    Charlie M. Ramirez (213)-256-7367 | | Los Angeles, 90020
    Finished an Assistant Brewer Program 3 months ago, been looking for a position since. Came across this website and I'm hoping this will increase my chances at landing one. As I stated in the title, I'm green. I'm confident in my abilities to get up to speed at any brewery. I just need a brewery to take a chance on me. I'm not forklift certified, but that's something I plan to get as soon as I have enough for it. I'd also like to go back to school, once I'm acclimated at a brewery, and get a degree in biochemistry. I'm even willing to relocate. Don't have much money, but I do have a car. Willing to sleep in my car till I have enough for a place. I'm that serious about getting into this industry. There's nothing else I'd rather do.

    I started drinking craft 6 years ago and I started homebrewing 3 years ago. I went to my local homebrew shop and took a homebrew class. That same day I bought a kit and began my journey into the wonderful world of homebrewing. Sadly, in the 3 years of brewing, I’ve only brewed about 10 batches: Porter, West Coast IPA, Pale Ale, Kolsch, NEIPA, Black IPA, and Milk Stout. I brewed a pale and an IPA multiple times. Time and money have been the reason for not brewing consistently. I already have a list of recipes I want to brew. I even bought beersmith to help me put recipes together.

    About less than a year ago, I realized I wanted to take brewing more seriously. I wanted to apply at breweries, but I had no luck due to no experience. It’s always the same, I can’t get the job due to lack of experience, I can’t get the experience without the job. That's when I found out about Cal Poly’s assistant brewer program. A program designed to give you hands-on Brewing Industry experience. The beer we worked with is beer that was being put out to the public, so I knew I had to do my best and not mess anything up. It took me awhile to save up to afford said class, but I’m glad I invested in myself. From the very first day, I knew this is what I want to do and where I want to be, career wise. From my homebrewing experience I knew cleaning is the biggest part of brewing, so spending all day cleaning doesn’t faze me. I’ll start anywhere, and if that means the bottom and working my way up, so be it. My goal, in this industry, is to become a proficient brewer, take that skill and brew in different parts of the world. My main destination is Japan. That’s not to say I wouldn’t stay at one brewery for 5+ years.

    To learn and advance in anything to do with brewing.

    Innovation Brew Works 04/2019-06/2019 3650 W Temple Ave, Pomona, CA
    • Used Keg Wash machine to wash kegs and jockey box.
    • CIP Brite tank, Fermenting Vessel and heat exchange with either caustic, PAA or MSR acid.
    • Use of a floor pump to transfer wort/beer from one tank to another or for CIP
    • Yeast Harvesting
    • Keg to Keg transfer as well as forced cO2
    • Transferred to Barrel
    • Cleaning Tap lines
    • Manual Bottling and Labeling bottles
    • Milled
    • Zahm
    • Grain Out

    Pacific Production Services 04/2017-03/2019 1481 E 4th St, Los Angeles, CA
    • Drove to different parts of LA County to either pay/pick-up film permits.
    • Posted “NO Parking” signs, with or without delineators, all over the county.
    • Distributed notifications of filming to neighborhoods
    • Set up Road signs
    • Mapped out areas for delineator or Road sign set-up count and how many notifications needed for distribution.
    • Drove a F150 pick-up when a job had more than 40 delineators, or else I’d use my own car.
    • Maintained a clean runner room, trailer filled with delineators and company truck.

    Jimmy Johns Gourmet Sandwiches 09/2014-05/2015 168 South Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills, CA
    Bicycle Delivery
    • Wrapped Sandwiches
    • Handled the Register
    • Customer Service
    • Cleaning
    • Bagged orders for pick-up/delivery
    • Delivered fast and safe on a bicycle.

    RMR Inc. 02/2012-08/2013 555 N. Western Ave Los Angeles, CA
    Weekend Supervisor
    • Restocked / Kept Inventory
    • Handled the register / Distributed payments for employees
    • Cleaning
    • Customer Service
    • Opened/Closed

    Revolution Foods Inc. 02/2011-11/2011 1715 E 21st St Vernon, CA
    Culinary Team
    • Prepped k-12 School Meals
    • Portioning foods on/for trays
    • Packaging and labeling trays.
    • Runner
    • Cleaning

    American Apparel Inc. 11/2009-06/2010 747 Warehouse st Los Angeles, CA
    Human Resource File clerk
    • Organized and filed. Example: employee applications, employee warnings, employee PTOs, confidential forms, layoff notices, employee work dates, etc.
    • Translator for many of the Hispanic non-english speaking staff.
    • Distributed lunch tickets
    • Made ID’s for new employees
    • Helped out multiple departments, for example: Safety Office, Payroll, Retail Department and supply room.

    California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 01/2019-06/2019 Assistant Brewer Program

    Los Angeles City College 02/2012-06/2012 Music History

    Century High School 2006-2009 High School Diploma

    Reseda High School 2005-2006 Teachers Academy

    Principles of Brewing – California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 02/2019
    Assistant Brewer Program - California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 06/2019