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Lead Brewer & Potential Partner - Sacramento CA

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  • Lead Brewer & Potential Partner - Sacramento CA

    Brewer. Partner. Leader. Potential Owner.
    Do you have a passion for brewing and sharing amazing beer with the community? New Helvetia Brewing Co. is searching for that rare person who not only brews great beer, but also loves their community, especially our hometown of Sacramento. We love craft beer and we love Sacramento, and if you feel the same, please consider joining our team. Yes, we are hiring a Head Brewer, but it's really so much more opportunity here.

    New Helvetia Brewing Co. is a community brewery that celebrates Sacramento’s history and is investing in Sacramento’s future. Our beer is brewed with locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, right here in our 10-barrel, steam-fired brewery on the corner of 18th Street and Broadway. For us, supporting local is a matter of pride. We’ve taken our name from the very beginning of Sacramento’s urban roots - New Helvetia was the original name of the settlement founded here by John Sutter in 1839. We’re proud of where we’re from. New Helvetia is Sacramento. Sacramento is the Indomitable City.


    The Head Brewer is responsible for all aspects of the brewing process including raw material handling, wort production, filtration, clarification, CIP, COP, general cleaning, sanitation, various quality assurance methods, and beer evaluation. This role is also responsible for recipe development; proficient brew house, cold block, yeast, and filtration management. You will be responsible for managing, mentoring, and training brewing staff to ensure the consistent production of high quality craft beers.

    • Develop new creative recipes
    • Oversee the execution of brewing recipes to ensure consistency
    • Manage raw materials inventory
    • Manage all aspects of brewing production including but not limited to; wort production, fermentation, grain milling, CIP of brewhouse, and cleaning kegs
    • Develop and implement proper cleaning and sanitation procedures on heat exchangers, plumbing, and serving lines to ensure product quality
    • Develop and manage production schedules
    • Manage, mentor, train and develop brew house and cellar staff
    • Manage and oversee brewery safety program
    • Responsible for filing state and federal production reports
    • Responsible for all packaging (kegs, cans and bottles)
    • Oversee all brew house and cellar operations
    • Contribute to process development and improvement
    • Rest and crash tanks according to the weekly schedule
    • Maintain proper awareness and adherence of SOP’s
    • Securing the facility at the end of production week, including brewery audit and completion of closing checklist
    • Ensure all brewing equipment is properly maintained
    • Other duties as assigned
    • Must be at least 21 years of age
    • 5+ years brewing experience in the craft beer industry
    • Strong understanding of brewing science
    • Knowledge of modern brewing systems and controls
    • Experience with recipe development and forecasting seasonal brews
    • Prior customer service experience
    • Ability to make responsible recalculations on-the-go in high stress situations
    • Effective written and verbal communication skills
    • Organizational, time management, and leadership skills
    • Must be able to stand for long period of time
    • Must be able to lift 50 pounds
    • Must. Love. Beer.

    Working conditions

    Full-time position, schedule may vary from week to week in total hours and number of days. Attendance to local as well as out of town trips will sometimes be necessary.