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Thread: Craft Brewers Conference

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    Craft Brewers Conference

    I am a recent college graduate (business degree) and I just started working at a brewery in the past couple weeks (I also homebrew). I would like to possibly open one up maybe 15 years from now. Would I be out of my league at the CBC? It sounds interesting, and I'd love to get some thoughts and advice on opening a brewery and the industry, but I feel like there will be mainly brewers and owners there...not many newbies and dreamers like myself.

    -Would it be worth the time and money to fly out to California from St. Louis?

    -Will people even want to talk to me given that I don’t have much of a role in the industry?

    -Or would you recommend waiting until I get some experience to attend the conference so I can interact more?

    -What can I gain from this experience?

    Again, I’d really like to get some advice and stuff people in the industry (the sooner the better), but I don’t want to be out of my league.

    Any thoughts?


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    I would point you here. Though 15 years is a long time from now. So I am not sure what good it would do unless you plan on being involved in the industry it some way.

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    In terms of business planning, I'd wait until you've done some research and outlined a general plan. That way, you'll know the language and general concepts ahead of time (stuff the presenters will probably assume you already know). However! If you're an advanced homebrewer or an intermediate one with an analytical mindset, the CBC will be worthwhile for the technical content alone. Plus, you'll meet a ton of people in the industry - and not just brewers - who will be more than happy to talk with you. Basically, it turns into a big party each day once the seminars are done. If it wasn't for the cost, which is a great value in light of what you can take away from the conference, I'd never miss it.


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