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Thread: Need some help estimating number of seats for our taproom? Annual barrelage? PLZ HELP

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    Need some help estimating number of seats for our taproom? Annual barrelage? PLZ HELP


    Looking for a bit of help with taproom layout and estimating sales. I've heard of estimates for the taproom usually around 1 seat per 25 square feet, but the average barrelage is all over the place (which is somewhat expected)...still I usually estimate around 400 barrels as a 'safe' bet, but have heard of breweries moving 750+ barrels through their taprooms. If you guys could shed some light on this topic for me, it'll help with my forecasting. Here's what I'm looking for:

    Number of Indoor Seats:
    Number of Outdoor Seats:
    Max Occupancy:
    Annual Barrelage Sold Through Taproom:
    Annual Barrelage Overall:
    Hours Per Week Taproom Open:
    Busiest Day:
    Slowest Day:
    Ratio of Pints to 10oz specialty to Flights:

    Thank you SO MUCH for helping with this information!

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    I think this thread isn't getting the replies you were hoping for because the information you're requesting is unique to every location. For example, maximum capacity. I assume you're talking about people? If you're moving into a preexisting structure, the fire marshal will be able to tell you how many people you are allowed to host at any one particular time. We built our tasting room, and it "officially" only seats 99, bc we couldn't afford to add a sprinkler system if we went over 100. We're also located out in the country, with lots of land, so we could have hundreds more outside. As for some of the other information you are looking for, a lot of it depends on your business model and your brewhouse and cellar capabilities. I'd suggest finding a similarly sized brewery in your area or a brewery that closely resembles what you plan on doing when you open and making friends with them. Wish I could be more help..

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    This is 100% location-based. You need to know your own market. There are way way way too many variables for any response here to be helpful. A 150 seat taproom selling 7 barrels a week in the middle of a Brooklyn is a lot different than in the middle of a cornfield in Nebraska. A few variables are town size, location within the town, proximity to other bars/taprooms, how big the craft market is within the town, your reputation, etc...

    I'm not trying to make this difficult, but like I said, you need to know your own market. If you haven't worked in the bar or brewery industry long enough to have an estimate, I would start small. If you're stumped I would start with about a 5 or 10 barrel system and try to push sales through the taproom. The best case scenario is that you sell most of it through the taproom (without having to brew every day like you would on a 1 bbl) and worst case scenario you work like crazy to distribute (preferably self-distribute if your state allows it).

    Sorry I didn't answer any of your questions, but any answer you get by asking only your questions listed might lead you down the wrong path.

    Best of luck to you, hopefully I can give you more help on your next post

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