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Thread: Pressure Relief Valves

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    Pressure Relief Valves


    I currently am having a problem with some of my negative pressure relief valves failing on a couple of fermenters I have. They are Pub 7 BBL fermenterswhich are about 12 years old. The valves have a simple rubber diaphram in them which are starting to leak when I pressurize tanks for carbonation. The rubber is getting old and cracked. Does anyone recognize this type and have a contact for a supplier to replace the rubber gaskets?

    My other option is to have some fab'd I suppose.

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    I'd just have them made. Try Parker seals or a reputable hydraulic/compressed air shop.

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    All fixxed now....
    I went to our local rubber products supplier (Delta Rubber) and they gave me some thin gum rubber material which I used to cut my own seals out of. They leaked initially until I put a little food grade white grease on them to ensure a stick to the valve until enough pressure builds up to hold them in place.

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    Got leaks too...time to find some rubber/gasket material....
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