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Thread: Draft System Design

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    Draft System Design

    We are planning on serving directly off the wall of our walk in cooler (as you see in most taprooms). We have an 18 x 9 walk in cooler and looking at pouring 10-12 taps. My question surrounds experience with simply putting shanks through wall vs air cooled wall mount systems that require a blower. In my mind it seems that simply going through the wall with the shank should suffice since the line never is actually leaving the cooled area of the walk in.

    Any advice or thoughts on this? Those who pour straight off their wall what is your experience?

    Dustin Baker

    Roadmap Brewing Co.
    San Antonio, TX

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    If you don't build a "shadow box" type of arrangement on the inside of the cooler, the shanks will be warmer than the beer lines coming into them and you will pour foam until you've poured enough to cool the shanks to the temperature of the beer. The trick is to remove the insulation from around the shanks.

    Basically, it's a section of your inside cooler wall that you remove (metal and insulation) to the outer wall and then you insert the shadow box. This allows the shanks to be inside the cooler and at the same temperature of the beer/cooler.


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    Seconding what Don wrote above.

    I'll add that the shadow box should also have a small blower of some kind to keep cold air circulating around the shanks. This can be a little computer cooling fan--it don't take much.

    Warm shanks mean wasted beer. At the beginning of every pour, you'll have foaming problems that won't quit until the beer has chilled the shanks. Money down the drain.
    Timm Turrentine

    Terminal Gravity Brewing,
    Enterprise. Oregon.

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