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Thread: Pressure Sensitive Label Applicator

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    Pressure Sensitive Label Applicator

    We are starting up a limited run of bottles using pressure sensitive labels. Right now we are planning on applying all these by hand but are looking for an inexpensive way to save time and ensure the labels are straight and in the same place on each bottle.

    As of right now I found this:

    It is quoted to me at $910 plus shipping from Australia but I think that is too expensive. The salesmen for the company says lots of brewers in the US are using it but he will not provide any names to me. Anyone out there using this or something similar? Is there something like this machine in the US for a better price?

    Also at what volume does everyone recommend starting to automate the label application process?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.

    John Cochran
    Terrapin Beer Co.

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    GW Kent sells the BenchMate. The hand crank model is $895. Search the online catalog for labelers.
    Cheers & I'm out!
    David R. Pierce
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    Unless you are going to use two or three of these, you probably won't save a lot of time. They will be straight, but not really any faster than by hand. We
    looked into something like this but until we can afford something more automated, hand labeling is faster. We currently rinse, fill, cork, wire cage,
    label and stack 90 cases (1080 750ml bottles) manually in about 3.5 to 4 hours, with 6 people. A little better than 5 bottles per minute total.

    Saint Somewhere Brewing

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    Hey Cap. Bob
    What corker are you guys using?
    Still waiting to try your beer......perhaps a trade is in order?!
    COAST Brewing Company
    SC Brewer's Association

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    Thumbs up Benchmate

    We are using the Great Engineering Benchmate and are very happy with it! I think it is one of the simplest, yet effective pieces of kit we have in the brewery.

    You will do your bottles faster with this than you will by hand. Sticking them on by hand will drive you insane...okay, so will turning the crank on this thing for 10 hours...but hey.

    This is probably the most admired piece of kit in our small but growing arsenal...I'd recommend you spend the cash.

    PM or email if you need anything else.


    Jeff Rosenmeier (Rosie)
    Chairman of the Beer
    Lovibonds Brewery Ltd
    Henley-on-Thames, Englandshire
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    T: @Lovibonds

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    Neck Labels?

    Any one of these machines (or other similar) do neck labels?


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