View Full Version : Natural Gas Burner for 1bbl System?

11-28-2016, 06:35 AM
I am switching over to a natural gas system. I was wondering what you guys suggest to use for a 1bbl system. I was looking for a stand and burner already attached (something by Bubbas Barrels, etc) or to make a rack and buy burners myself.

What do you guys suggest/use. Must be safe for indoor. Any help would be great

12-12-2016, 05:58 AM
I'm using Blichmann equipment for my mash tun and kettle. They recommended using restaurant single-burner gas ranges. Their recommended brand was American Range. I ordered a pair and have them at my location but haven't used them yet. Have some plumbing and electrical work on Wednesday and they'll be put in place then so I'll be doing a water test batch soon

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12-16-2016, 07:26 AM
Which American Standard range did you buy? How many BTUs are you shooting for?

01-03-2017, 06:13 AM
I bought the single-burner economy stoves: http://americanrange.com/productcategory-type/stock-pot-stoves/

I'm not sure what you're shooting for in terms of BTUs, but the details are listed for all the products. I'm only using 30-gallon pots, so I wasn't terrible concerned with having enough power. They were recommended by the Blichmann Pro team for what they use in house when testing equipment, so they may be able to answer additional questions, especially if you're working with them on any orders.

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01-12-2017, 08:27 AM
Unrelated, but the Blichmann pro team doesn't use Blichmann burners in house??? That's not a very encouraging sign of confidence in their product, if correct.

01-12-2017, 11:19 AM
NS_Nano, not so much a lack of confidence as needing an indoor-rated heat source. The Blichmann burners are designed to be used outdoors with bottled propane, while single-burner "stock pot" ranges are designed for indoor use with a permanent fuel source. In a commercial setting you may have trouble using an outdoor-type burner even if modified to natural gas, whereas the restaurant-style stock pot ranges are familiar to regulatory agencies.

I have two Blichmann gas systems; one on indoor stock pot ranges under a vent hood, and the other has Blichmann burners. They both work well but the indoor system is much more convenient so if I were brewing several times per week no matter the weather... that's the one I'd want to own.