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  • Contractor vs Employee

    I'm the lone brewer at a small brewpub. I have five house beers that I have to keep flowing, and seven taps to do whatever I want with. As long as the front of house has beer and the owner has his IPA, I'm left to do my thing in the brewery.

    This autonomy got me thinking about the potential benefits of operating as my own business and contracting my services to the brewery. I talked to the owner and he is open to the idea but had two concerns.

    1. That I might still be classified as an employee. He suggested that I should offer my services to other breweries. I have already talked to a couple start ups and this seems possible.

    2. That I would need my own liability insurance because if we sold bad beer, etc that I wouldn't be covered by the brewpub's policy anymore. This has been my sticking point. I have looked into insurance, but everything seems to be for the entire brewery, but not for an individual brewer. I thought this would have been more common. I'm wondering if this is true about not being covered by the brewpub's policy, and if operating as an LLC would be enough protection.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.