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Seltzer issues

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  • Seltzer issues

    So Iíve had fermentation lag brewing seltzerís on my pilot system. Carbon filtered water, mineral additions, and yeast nutrients including spring cell. Using both sucrose and dextrose fermentables, Iíve noticed fermentation lag both times. Dry champagne yeast as the attenuator. Hydrated and unhydrated. I noticed on knock out that the simple syrup solution doesnít retain aeration / oxygenation that well. A week into fermentation, SG 1.050 was 1.030. Obviously an issue, both times. I noticed that the dissolved CO2 in solution was very high for an open blow off fermentation. Second time I decided to test a theory of additional aeration recirculating the fermentor with a in-line carbstone, degassing some of the desolved CO2 and re aerating. 2 days later gravity is 1.015 and dropping with no taste of diacetyl. My brewing practices are well rounded. Which brings the concern. Has anyone had issues with non grain fermentation?

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    Long Fermentation

    What I thought was a lagging fermentation,
    Proved me wrong. It has been a steady fermentation
    For 4 weeks and going to crash it today.
    I did add an additional dose of yeast
    nutrient with O2 two weeks in thought
    I would destroy this batch but it tastes great.
    Similar gravity no minerals added to H2O.
    350# cane sugar and 88# peach puree.
    Total 80grams yeast nutrient. WLP715.
    My 1st attempt and are pleased with the results.


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      Thanks bud.