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Thread: Disadvantages to Micromatic "D" spears?

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    Disadvantages to Micromatic "D" spears?

    I am about to purchase some kegs that have the screw in "D" spears and was wondering if there were any special issues with this style. I have always used the lock in type spears.
    Dave Fougeron
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    I have about 30 of these:

    The tool to remove the spear is pretty pricey at about 250-300$ (its been a few years when I bought it). But once you get the tool there real easy to pop the spear out, about 10-15 seconds. The drawback is that sometimes if the coupler gets stickey when you go to remove the coupler from the spear the whole spear will start unthreading and I have had to soak the coupler in caustic overnight and then it will come out. All in all they are OK except for what I just mentioned. Hope this makes sense



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