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Thread: Brewery hose

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    Brewery hose

    I want to get some opinions on the best brewery hose to use. Im ready to replace all my old hoses and would like some feedback on particular brands that you like and dislike.
    Also does anyone use the cheaper clear silicone tubing like Pure Gard?
    Thanks in advance

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    My best advice is to go with the 1.5 Goodyear Brewhose. It might be a bit more expensive but it lasts forever. I found a place in Cerritos, CA that will cut to length and install the hose barb for around $12-15 per foot. That's a good deal given most places charge anywhere from $30-$50 per foot.

    I've never used the clear Pureguard for my transfer hoses, although I have seen of some breweries that do. I sometimes use my clear hose to recirculate my beer when fining, but that's it.

    Good luck

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    Freeking Awsome Hose

    This is no doubt the best hose around, Sanitary Coupler Reseal. Hold on to your stones, cause it’s a premium product. Sorry to include a link for a distributor, I couldn't find The manufactures sanitary-couplers-permaseal.html

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