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How Used Bourbon Barrels Give Other Spirits New Dimension

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  • How Used Bourbon Barrels Give Other Spirits New Dimension

    How Used Bourbon Barrels Give Other Spirits (and Wines) New Dimension
    By Sally Kral, Whisky Advocate
    Once bourbon is ready to move from barrel to bottle, that barrel is up for grabs—since under U.S. law bourbon can be aged only in new oak. There’s a long tradition of distillers in Scotland, Japan, and Ireland buying used bourbon barrels to mature their whiskies, but more recently a bourbon barrel’s life has expanded well beyond whisky. “The great thing about bourbon barrels is their versatility,” says national educator for Don Julio tequila Jorge Raptis. “They’ve become popular for aging a variety of products—even cooking sauces and chocolates—but most notably other spirits outside of whisky.”

    Indeed, oak-aged expressions can be found for nearly every spirits type. In rum, there’s Don Papa from the Philippines, Santa Teresa 1796 from Venezuela, and Mount Gay from Barbados, to name just a few. Tequila is similarly abundant in oak-aged expressions from brands including Don Julio, Lunazul, Ocho, Espol...
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