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poly bottom keg repair

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  • poly bottom keg repair

    Wondering if anyone has come across a good/better way of repaing/re-glueing kegs with poly tops and bottoms. We have a bunch in our fleet and the heat of cleaning makes them come off sometimes. Industrial adhesive works for a while, but Im looking for more ideas. Any thoughts? Please e-mail me at Cheers!
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    Once you clean both the poly chime and the part of the keg it came from, you need to rough up the stainless with a bit of fine sandpaper. Make sure everything's dry, and use a can of spray adhesive from 3M. I think this spray's normal use is re applying rubber coving in offices, or fixing delaminated corners of plywood. It goes on looking quite thick and rubbery, but everything sticks so well after its on. Either way, this suggestion came from a former brewing assistant at my last job, and it worked wonders for getting the kegs back into rotation.


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      Gorilla Glue

      We use the same cleaning/prep. but follow with Gorilla glue. It expands a bit as it set and fills in any small gaps.
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        Two votes for Gorilla Glue -- that stuff is the BOMB.
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          source for new poly keg bottoms?


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            Gorilla Glue

            `When you use gorilla glue, make sure you wet both surfaces, and use a 1/2 full keg to weight it down. Works Great! Haven't had any of the 30 kegs we've fixed fail.