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  • Flex auger flow rate

    We have a 3" (75 mm) Chore Time flex auger for milled malt. Total length about 30 feet (10 meters), 45 degree incline up to 12 feet (3.6 meters) and one 90 degree left bend. We started out with a flow rate of 23.5 lbs/min (10.7 kg/min). Then we took out the baffle plate and shortened the restrictor tube by an inch. We got to 28 lbs/min (12.8 kg/min). We would like more. I have searched the forum but can't find what flow rates can be achieved.

    Could people with a similar auger setup chime in and tell their flow rates?
    If we shorten the restrictor tube too much is there a possibility of breaking the helix?

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    28 lb/min doesn't sound bad. I haven't measured the flow rate of our 3" Flex Auger lately, but that is in the neighborhood.

    If you try to get too much flow, you'll flood the open center of the spiral, and clog the auger. The only solution to this is to pull the spiral out, which generally isn't something I'd do for recreation. Believe me, I've done it by trying to get too much flow. Anything (a little piece or plastic wrap, a clot of grain, etc) that clogs the open center of the auger will result in the same problem, so be sure your intake is well screened. In extreme cases, you can even snap the spiral apart.
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      Hey- the guys at malt should be able to answer your question.


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        I have similar set up, with a much longer horizontal run (70'), My last mash in of 585# completed in 14 minutes.
        Looks to be about 38-40#/minute. You have the Iron Bounce ball at the inlet.? Our Grist hopper slide valve is open to 2", more than that it clogs up discharge end above Grist hydrator.