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    We are starting to do our business plan for our Brewery and need some help finding some info. First was what is the average price of a 1/2 Keg of craft beer sold to a Bar, I have seen while looking around it looks to be around 120-130 per 1/2bbl but this was early 2011 info. We are also looking for info on the average annual cost to operate a Nano brewery (3.5BBl system -7BBL system) cost that would include water, electric, gas, Etc..... Supplies such as grain, hops and yeast I can most like call the companies and get an around figure.

    Any help would be great and I thank you in advanced.

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    A half barrel keg of Coors Light or Bud can be had for less than $90. A keg of an in demand "Craft" micro will go for $190 and up depending on the brewery. It will depend on your competition, the drinking culture of your market and the establishments you are trying to get a tap handle into.

    Operating costs will depend upon your system operation costs, whether it is a direct electric, direct fire or steam, natural gas or propane boil kettle, HLT. Whether your fermenters are single wall and you ferment in a chamber that is temperature controlled or if they are dual walled and glycol flow controls temperature, whether you keg only, or keg and bottle, whether you harvest and ranch you own yeast or buy from one of the packaged yeast manufacturers for each batch. It will also depend on what beers you plan to brew. IPA's and Stouts tend to have higher materials costs, where a Kolsch, California Common or American Wheat can be relatively inexpensive....Again this will be market driven.

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      we plan on having a direct fire Natural gas system with single wall feremnters and one jacketed fermentor with temp control for our lagers, most will be ales, with the ocational stout for specials. Understandable that cost would differ between state, city and town in the US but for the most part should only be different by a small range. I am just looking for a average for breweries with a similar set up and only the utility cost. even a good guesstimate would do.


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        See here:

        .5 - 1.5 workers/1000 bbls yearly capacity,
        Average .75 workers/1000 bbls BREWHOUSE YIELD
        Single Temperature Infusion 50 - 68%
        Temperature Programmed Mash 65 - 72%
        Electrical 20 - 35 kWh/bbl
        Natural Gas 2 - 3.7 Thermos/bbl
        Water 6 - 8 BBL's water/bbl beer produced
        Refrigeration 10 - 20 BTU chiller capacity/bbl yearly capacity
        Direct Fired Brew Kettle 25,000 30,000 BTU/bbl Cast Wort SPACE REQUIREMENTS
        Complete Brewery .5 - 1 sq. ft./bbl of yearly capacity
        Sacked Malt Storage .15 - .25 sq. ft./bbl of yearly capacity
        Nate Cornett
        Yellow Springs Brewery
        Yellow Springs, OH


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          thank you YSBrewer that will get me a nice figure to start with, awsome.