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ASBC Beer 25f. VDK through GC-ECD HELP

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  • ASBC Beer 25f. VDK through GC-ECD HELP

    Hello QA and QC friends,

    We just got a GC-ECD to help production move faster and preempt hop creep issues. We are having a really hard time lining up with a 3rd party lab in town that has a GC ECD. They use the old Beer-25e and I use Beer-25f. Both use the GC-ECD, but "f" uses an autosampler. We are getting over 3x the values as they are 85ppb vs. 285ppb. There are beers that we get as 300ppb and I can't smell it in a normal forced diacetyl test. I know it's lower, but something is wrong.

    I feel like our calibration curve is our main issue and I'm trying to hone in on what we are doing wrong there. I'm following the ASBC method exactly. Do any of you have any tips or tricks?


    Peter Cronin
    Quality Supervisor
    AleSmith Brewing Co
    Peter Cronin
    Senior Quality Analyst
    AleSmith Brewing Company