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Promash V. Probrewer IBU Calculation

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  • Promash V. Probrewer IBU Calculation

    With both IBU calculators set the same, why am I getting different IBU levels out of Promash and Probrewer's IBU calculator?

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    I'm not very familiar with those apps, but from what I understand, using any program to assume you'll have accurate IBU's is a bit less than optimal, because there are so many variables involved, age of hops, etc that you rarely can count on the IBU calculations of the applications to be very on the mark. I read here in another thread several people had sent their hops out for test and the IBU's were very rarely what they expected. From their point of view, testing is the best way to know for sure, and otherwise you just mark on any documentation that it is an estimate of the IBU's. Also things like debates about FWH being 40% utilization vs 110% utilization etc means that maybe one of them uses a slightly different method of calculating utilization.

    Hopefully someone knows why they differ specifically, though, and can help you understand that.

    My point is that its maybe nothing to worry about unless the differences are really significant.

    Say, one gives you 50 IBU's and the other 80... but if ones' saying 53 and the other 55 I don't know that its much to worry about because the real beer produced might be 49 in reality due to the errors I mentioned above.