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  • Complicated Craft Brew Recipes

    Hello all,
    I, as many others who lurk here have many questions for the pros. My question has to do with how many ingredients do you use for many of your beers.
    Do many Craft Brewers continue to use 4,5,6 or more grains for beers or does it get difficult to make all of them work when brewing a larger quantity?
    Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for all the valuable you share.

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    I feel the best answer is also one of the most vague.

    It depends.

    I feel when scaling a recipe to size you have to look at extraction rates and just have a good sense of what you're actually getting from the malt. In the breweries I've worked at we've done beer as simple as one or two malts and as complex as ten. You may also want to look at the practicality of it. If you need 1 lb of something unique and don't have plans for the rest of it why buy a 50 lb bag?


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      One of my best selling beers has 1 hop and two grains.

      Another of my best selling beers has 3 hops, 5 grains, and 4 spices.

      No right answer here....