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Anyone advertising gluten removed beer in taproom?

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  • Anyone advertising gluten removed beer in taproom?

    We are planning to serve gluten removed beer in our taproom, and we are planning to advertise it. Of course we understand all of the disclaimers about celiacs etc. We went to a brewery in Chicago recently (Greenstar) that had all gluten removed beer on tap. We are planning to have some, if not all, of our beers gluten removed.

    Does anyone have feedback/ advice/ gotchas? Does this kind of beer sell in your taproom? How much do you make/ sell relative to regular beers?



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    Can't talk for the US, but here in the UK, and presumably the rest of the EU, if you sell a beer that is claimed to be gluten free, then you have to have every batch sold as such sampled, analysed and certified the beer is actually gluten free, so you can produce the certificate of analysis. I believe in the UK, it doesn't have to be an independent lab, but if you are doing it yourself, then the lab method would have to be certified, and periodically, sample would have to be analysed independently as well as your own anlysis to validate your lab etc.

    I guess if you add Clarex but don't get every batch tested, you might get away with stating the beer has been produced to be gluten free, but you cannot provide certification that it is gluten free. But I wouldn't bet on it, and, more to the point, I wouldn't risk it - what happens in the event of a customer having a bad reaction to something else, but blaming your beer?.