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Thread: Best way to raise FG in a finished beer?

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    Best way to raise FG in a finished beer?

    Hello everyone,

    I am a longtime homebrewer and a professional winemaker and I have come into the following problem: I had a low mash temp. (148F) and now my 1.064 beer has finished at 1.006! The winemaker in me says to just bump-up the RS% to where I want it to be (1.012-1.014), but the brewer in me doesn't know what would be the best way to do this? I am thinking either Malto-Dextrin or Lactose, because it has to be non-fermentable and give a perceived sweetness...I will have to boil the sugar addition fior sanitation, so I don't know if this will de-nature the Malto-Dextrin at all and give the yeast even more sugars (which I want to avoid). Any suggestions? What do breweris do in this case to correct for an over-acheiving yeast Post-Fermentation?

    I thank you for your time in advance and any information is appreciated.


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    (Oops. When I first posted this reply, I didn't see that you wanted to add only non-fermentable sugar to your beer. Yes, lactose would do the trick, if you want to add that sort of dimension to your beer. Lactose won't make your beer taste like milk or yoghurt; it's just a disaccharide composed of galactose + glucose. The bond between the molecules is what makes it untouchable for brewer's yeast.)

    My original reply:
    I assume you want to bottle/keg condition your beer? Otherwise, there's no reason to add anything to it. Residual extract doesn't contribute to mouthfeel or body and takes away from the crisp refreshing flavor of the beer. Therefore, most brewers want to achieve a high attenuation. Adding sugar will make your beer more attractive to other microbes. The only problem with an overly high attenuation is if the yeast didn't do all the fermenting. How does your beer taste?
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    Quote Originally Posted by crassbrauer
    How does your beer taste?
    What he said!

    Bottle it up as-is, and see how it finishes....

    Cheers, Tim

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    Thank for the replies everyone,

    Well the reason I want to bump-up the RS% is indeed because the beer tastes thin and the hops are a bit too pronounced for me. Basically it is out of balance! I will try the lactose thing, thank you for the responses. I am assuming the sanitation of boiling it will not break it down to a yeast-usable form?

    Thank you again,


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